Visual Tour: Installing Sabayon

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Welcome to the visual tour of Installing Sabayon.

In this Visual walk through we are using the MATE desktop spin. All Sabayon isos use the same installer.

Calamares is an installer framework. By design it is very customizable, in order to satisfy a wide variety of needs and use cases.

Calamares aims to be easy, usable, beautiful, pragmatic, inclusive and distribution-agnostic.

Calamares includes an advanced partitioning feature, with support for both manual and automated partitioning operations. It is the first installer with an automated “Replace Partition” option, which makes it easy to reuse a partition over and over for distribution testing.

~ This is the first screen that you will see on boot. Start Sabayon.

~ All booted up to the MATE desktop and the Installer icon is right on the desktop.

~ First thing is to select your location.

~ Select your keyboard and language.

Decide how you want to do your partitioning. I will choose erase entire disk.

~ Select the drive and Next...

~ Setup your User - Administrator - Computer Name

~ The summary of what is going to happen.

~ Off and running

~ Done!

Now it's time to learn the package manager: En:Entropy