Using Broadcom wireless and ndiswrapper w/Sabayon miniEd

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How to get the Broadcom BCM4318 WLAN adapter (which comes with some HP/Compaq laptops) working using ndiswrapper on the Sabayon miniEdition (x86, 3.0RC2e):

(To the devs: Thanks for making this nice LiveCD!)

Unfortunately, the new open source Broadcom kernel module ("bcm43xx") doesn't work on either of the two distros (Sabayon, running live, and the one installed on my laptop's hard disk, Kanotix) I've tried it with. Fortunately, until things shake out with the open source kernel module, you can use the Windows drivers with ndiswrapper.

You can download the Windows drivers (two files, "bcmw15a.inf" and "bcmw15.sys") from the links on the ndiswrapper Wiki. Put them in a directory, say, on a USB key, and mount it.

Apart from those two files, you'll also need the SSID of your wireless network and your WEP key, if they exist. For our purposes, call them "sabayonnet" and "123456789A" respectively.

1.Nuke the existing Broadcom driver (as root):

# rmmod bcm43xx

2. Install the Windows drivers using ndiswrapper:

# ndiswrapper -i /path/to/bcmw15a.inf 

3. Verify the installation:

# ndiswrapper -l 

Installed drivers: bcmw15a driver installed, hardware present 4. Load the ndiswrapper kernel module:

# ndiswrapper -da 
# modprobe ndiswrapper 

5. Confirm the interface is available by running

# iwconfig 

Information about the wireless interface should be displayed, under "wlan0". 6. Set the WEP key:

# iwconfig wlan0 key restricted 123456789A 

7. Set the SSID:

# iwconfig wlan0 essid sabayonnet

8. Bring up the interface:

# dhclient wlan0 

After that, the wireless interface should connect to your wireless network, and you're good to go.

EDIT: 64bit drivers: EDIT2: If the above doesn't work for you, you can try the following: A) Download B) Put into /lib/firmware as root C) BCM43xx support must be enabled in kernel (default on SL) D) Reboot, and NetworkManager/Knetworkmanager will take over D) enjoy

Chris Vecchitto

UPDATE: bcm43xx does work with Sabayon with BCM4318 as far as I know Appleman1234