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I'm a senior student at Viborg Technical College. Next semester I will enrolled in software engineering at Aalborg University.

Sabayon is my distro of choice because it's based on Gentoo(Portage,layman,ebuilds yay!), it's up-to-date with packages(and still extremely stable) and because of it's philosophy that everything should 'just work'.

I'm a KDE user which is why I want to help Sabayon providing a better KDE experience with for example kscreen, plasma-nm and make entropy's PackageKit back-end work with Apper or Muon Discover.

I also want to try to improve Sabayon's Bumblebee support since it haven't worked on any Optimus laptops that I have tested Sabayon on.

I have a personal entropy-server at It contains gtk+:2 with appmenu support, Sublime-Text, plasma-nm and more to come.