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Installing Quake

Step 1: Buy the game from the store or steam or whatever source you can.

Step 2: You need to install it with wine most likely, or dosbox if you have the old old cd. We will be getting back to this later.

Step 3: Get DarkPlaces. It is a high quality engine mod with great effects. As root:

equo install darkplaces

if you want the updated high resolution textures:

equo install quake1-textures

You can pick up some other cool addons for darkplaces from if you want them.

Step 4: Copy your files from your installed windows version...

mkdir ~/.darkplaces
cd ~/.darkplaces
mkdir id1
cp /path/to/installed/quake/id1/*.PAK ~/.darkplaces/id1 

For the last line, you want to ensure the proper directory for your installed quake, do not just copy/paste that last line.

Now you should be able to run quake with darkplaces just by typing darkplaces in a terminal, or you can make a launcher in gnome/kde/whatever.

Step 5: If you only want to play quake with none of the expansions, you are done, but if you have the mission packs, copy the rogue and hipnotic folders to the ~/.darkplaces folder. To launch the mods just run

darkplaces -hipnotic


darkplaces -rogue

To see darkplaces in action installed this way: