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NASIL: Bağlantı Yöneticisi 7 Sabit IP Oluşturma

1. Doing a static IP with network manager 7 has changed. What we want to do is setup a static ip like below. In your systray you should see the nm-applet, the icon that looks like two computers. If you right click on it and select edit connections a box will come up. Your box is going to look different than mine as you probably see a couple entries in there regarding Auto. You can setup your static ip but the problem comes with the Autos being default and we want the static ip to be default as the pic below shows:


2. So lets click add and click on the IPv4 Settings tab and fill in the info we need by using the Add button. Make sure you select Manual from the drop down box. Click Add, than go under each heading and enter the information. Address Netmask Gateway and finally the DNS server of your choice. Hit Apply button and now your new connection should be seen. Don't forget to give it a unique name at top of box.


3. Now we need to simple edit one file to get our Static IP setting as default, so lets fire up kwrite as root. In KDE I hit Alt F2 and type in kdesu kwrite


4. Enter the root password


5. Now kwrite should open and we need to find the file /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf, use the File open and browse to it. Another way to do it is to simple open up konsole or terminal and switch to root with su than nano /etc/NetworkManager/nm-system-settings.conf


6. Make the file so it looks like below:


7. Now when you reboot, your network box config should look like mine in the first picture.

Known issue with KDE

I notice tho in KDE, the hostname still isn't working properly. In gnome the hostname works beautifully. In KDE the hostname becomes localhost, but in gnome it works properly. Still trying to figure out that one. I'm not much for a KDE user tho so if someone knows a fix, please update it.