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Installing Duke Nukem 3D

Step 1: Buy the game from and Download it. Or use your game cd. The install instructions are for the GoG version.

Step 2: Install with wine:

cd ~/Downloads ## path you downloaded to
wine setup_duke3d.exe

have it install to your home directory like ~/dn3d

step 3: Now we get the SVN source for eduke32 and compile it.

If you don't have subversion yet: as root:

equo install subversion

Once you have that installed you can get and compile the eduke32 source code (not as root):

cd ~
mkdir src
cd src
svn co eduke32
cd eduke32/polymer/eduke32

Read the source documentation to make sure you have all the needed deps. If you have all the libraries needed like sdl and such, it will build 2 binaries, eduke32 and mapster32. Copy them to ~/dn3d and you can type ./eduke32 from the dn3d directory to play the game. You can edit the config files in ~/.eduke32 to get fullscreen support and such. If you have further questions, hop on irc: #eduke32

I find that if you don't have pkgconfig, it builds much easier.

For added graphics, enable polymer engine in the config file, and use the polymer version of the High Resolution Pack (HRP). These options do require a beefy video card with a good amount of memory.