Toshiba Satellite A100 Core 2 Duo Laptop

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FYI for whoever may be interested; installed and tested on a brand new Toshiba Laptop (A100-172 / alias A100-TA7/ alias A105 in the US).

I am starting this article to kick-off installation instructions/issues for the Toshiba Satellite A100 (Core 2 Duo) laptops.

Installation Instructions for Sabayon 3.26 64bit edition; It works pretty much "out of the box".

Boot-up off Sabayon Live (64bit edition) DVD, login, and start the Sabayon Installation from the Sabayon Desktop.

System Specs are as follows:

Intel MPAD-MSAE Customer Reference Board
Intel 945 Chipset
Intel Core 2 Duo 5200 1.6 GHz 
   (64bit --> EMT64, no virtualization support with Core2Duo 5200)
   533 MHz FSB
Intel GMA 950
1280x800 WXGA Toshiba TruBrite Laptop LCD
Toshiba Phoenix BIOS 2.10 --> no support for XD/NX bit. (stupid Toshiba)
1 GB 533 DDR2 RAM -->Expandable to 4GB (note newer laptops now only support 2GB)
120 GB SATA Drive (Toshiba MK1234GSX) 
Realtek ALC861 Audio 
Intel Centrino 3945ABG WiFi

Synaptics TouchPad,
5 in 1 SMART CARD reader
USB 2.0
FireWire port
ExpressCard -----> Not Tested

Installed Sabayon Linux 3.26 x64 (64bit) Live DVD;

  Pretty Much everything works Fine So-far. WiFi Support is EXCELLENT.
  AIGLX support is FANTASTIC, minor lock-ups and crashes of BERYL do occur, but rarely.
Currently Unresolved Problems: 
  ALSA sound support for the RealTek is broken; sound plays with heavy interference and hissing (listed problem on Gentoo site)
  Preinstalled Google Earth will not display and doesn't seem to like BERYL, AIGLX or Intel GMA 3D.