To start sabayon with aiglx enabled.

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    **** This howto is obsolete. The 'sabayon' overlay no longer exists! ****
    **** It is therefore impossible to emerge 'desktop-acceleration-helpers' ****

I've written one small application and two shell helpers to easily enable/disable XGL or AIGLX after Install. SabayonLinux >= 3.1 (included miniEditions) are supported. Run the shell apps above as root.

Install desktop-acceleration-helpers (shell tools)

layman -s sabayon
emerge desktop-acceleration-helpers

Enable XGL:

/sbin/xgl-setup enable

Disable XGL:

/sbin/xgl-setup disable

Enable AIGLX:

/sbin/aiglx-setup enable

Disable AIGLX:

/sbin/aiglx-setup disable

The Graphical way:

layman -s sabayon
emerge accel-manager

Start accel-manager:



Chris Vecchitto