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In my opinion: This article needs the following modifications:

  • If you install the modules before the bin, no other kernel will be installed
  • depmod -a is not necessary
  • Create a file /etc/modules-load.d/virtualbox.conf: with the following content:

This way the modules will be loaded during the boot request, /etc/conf.d/modules doesn't work any longer

shell type

A little word of warning for the terminally unobservant like me.

If you use a shell other than bash then be careful with this command:

equo install virtualbox-modules#`uname -r`

because although it works perfectly well for bash it doesn't work for the shell I use - fish.

The tricky part is that it doesn't show any error message, it just ignores the `uname -r` bit and carries on installing virtualbox-modules along with the old 3.9 kernel.

So if you do use a different shell, and actually want to use vbox in you current kernel and not another one then either switch to bash before running that command or use whatever the correct syntax is for you chosen shell.