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Sulfur is deprecated. Instructions and information on this page are obsolete and kept only for historical reasons.

About Sulfur

Sulfur Advanced Mode

Sulfur is the GUI (Graphical User Interface) to Entropy, the Sabayon Linux Binary Package Manager.


  • Easy to use and learn interface
  • New user friendly
  • Automatic update selection
  • Search and Find Packages
  • Manage Preferences
  • Easy installation of masked packages
  • Community repository support
  • And more!

Installing Packages with Sulfur

Installing Packages via the Search function

Note: This is showing how to do it with the Advanced Mode turned on in Sulfur. To turn on Advanced Mode, Click Sulfur in the menu bar and select Advanced Mode. It works the same way in Simple Mode, instead of clicking on Available Packages, Click on Applications instead.

  1. Press the Available Button Available Button.
  2. Enter your search term in the search box, in this case "apache". The search is completed, as you can see the initial entry in the search box (top right) and the results.
    Sulfur install from search.png
  3. Left click on the square, white box on the left, of the required package and a menu box will pop up, select install.
    Sulfur select.png
  4. Confirm box. Click Ok
    Sulfur confirm.png
  5. Back to main window and you can see an arrow now in the white box indicating that it is selected for install.
    Sulfur package.png
  6. Press the Install button.
    Sulfur queue.png
  7. This will bring you to the Package Queue screen, this screen shows you what packages are about to be installed. Sulfur commit.png
  8. If you are happy with what is going to be done press the Commit Actions button in lower right hand corner of window.
  9. Now Sulfur will install your selected packages

Made a mistake and need to undo from the queue?

  1. Left click on the white box again and select Undo Install
    Sulfur undo.png
  2. Now it is gone, you will want to undo the dependent(s) also
    Sulfun undone.png

Sulfur Security Packages

Note: This is showing how to do it with the Advanced Mode turned on in Sulfur. To turn on Advanced Mode, Click Sulfur in the menu bar and select Advanced Mode.

Click on the Security tab. Click on the Queue all vulnerable packages to install all packages
Sulfur security.png
Confirm and Sulfur will install the packages.
Sulfur security2.png

Sulfur Repositories

Manage your repositories by editing, adding, removing and updating them here:
Sulfur repo.png

Sulfur Config Files

From time to time, you will need to update config files that get pulled in via the Sulfur. The files will show up here where you can examine and decide what to do with them.
Sulfur config.png

Sulfur Preferences

Make changes to your Sulfur here
Sulfur prefs .png

Update Notification and System Update

Note - click images for larger view - Simple Mode View of Sulfur


When you are connected to the internet the entropy applet will automatically check if updates are available, if they are it will display a popup

Icon load.png

Right Click on the tray icon (shield looking icon with an exclamation mark symbol)

Updates window.png

This will bring up a screen showing which updates are available. To install the updates select the "Update all" button in the lower left hand corner

Updates confirm.png

Confirm by clicking Ok button

Last confirm.png

Confirm once again that you want to update your system. Once you select Yes, sulfur will begin to download and than install the packages.

Group "entropy"

If you want a particular user to be able to see update notifications, you need to add that user to 'entropy' group. Otherwise Update Notifications and System Update will not work for that user. Here is the command to add 'foo' user to group 'entropy'

# usermod -a -G entropy foo