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Scilab is a free and open-source mathematics software and interpreted language that is mostly compatible with MATLABĀ®, although it is less compatible with this language, syntactically, than GNU Octave is with MATLABĀ®. It is not available in the official entropy repositories, although precompiled Linux binaries are available at the download page. The bin/scilab script within these precompiled Linux binaries launches the program. Scilab is also available via the Portage science overlay.

Installing Scilab using Portage

Note: the commands used in this section need to be run as root user. To enter root run su.

To install Scilab using Portage first sync emerge and layman, using:

emerge --sync
layman -S

then add the science overlay to layman:

layman -a science

Then there are two options: either simply install Scilab and all its dependencies using emerge (option A), or take the faster and less likely to fail approach of installing as many dependencies as possible using Entropy (equo) and then installing Scilab and whichever dependencies are left using emerge (option B). For option A one simply runs:

emerge -a scilab

while for option B one runs:

emerge scilab --ask

then install as many of the dependencies listed by this command using equo as possible and then run:

emerge scilab

to install the remaining dependencies and Scilab itself.

Installing from the precompiled Linux binary

On 64-bit systems the following script should download and then install Scilab from one of these precompiled binaries.

cd BINDIR #Replace BINDIR with where you want to download the binary
ver=5.5.2 #Set this to the version of Scilab you want. As of 20 July 2015 the latest is 5.5.2.
wget -c$ver/scilab-$ver.bin.linux-x86_64.tar.gz
tar -xzf scilab-$ver.bin.linux-x86_64.tar.gz
cd scilab-%ver
nano scilab

When GNU nano runs, add this to the scilab file:


Then run:

chmod +x scilab #making this newly created script executable
sudo mv scilab /usr/bin/scilab #making Scilab executable by running scilab
cd desktop
sudo mv scilab.desktop /usr/share/applications #making Scilab launcher

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