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SageMath (previously called Sage and SAGE) is a free and open-source mathematics software (licensed under GPLv2) that integrates several other pieces of mathematics software in a unified Python-based interface. It has two major interfaces: a command-line interface and a notebook (web browser-based) interface. On Sabayon Linux there are two major ways to install SageMath, both of which are tedious (taking several hours, at least) via Portage and by manually compiling the source code.

Installation via Portage

Note: the commands in this section must be performed as root user. To enter root run su.

To install SageMath using Portage, one must first add the sage-on-gentoo overlay and then emerge the sage package. Although to save time and increase one's odds of successfully installing SageMath one should install as many dependencies as possible with Entropy. To add the overlay run:

emerge --sync && layman -S #sync Portage and layman
layman -a sage-on-gentoo

to list the dependencies for the sage package run:

emerge -pv sage

Then one can install as many of these dependencies using Entropy (using equo install <package_name> where <package_name> should be installed with the name of the package(s)) as possible. After this is complete run:

emerge -a sage

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