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Channel Bot Command List

The resident bot for #sabayon is risponditore. In Italian, risponditore means "one who responds," or so I've been told. He can do many things, but please do not abuse him. The bot does have limited AI, but please, if you wish to converse with him, do so in #sabayon-social, not in the main support channel. The following is a complete list of commands supported by the bot.

WARNING: Any inappropriate use of the bot will result in a permanent ban from it's services. Use common sense and good judgement, and you won't have any problems.

Support Information Database



?? <key>

Show key definition

!learn <key> <definition>

Adds a key and definition to the database

!forget <key>

Deletes a key from the database

Portage/Entropy Information

NOTE: These commands are experimental, results may not be 100% accurate.



!useflag <flag>

Displays Gentoo global useflag definitions

!package <package>

Displays portage package descriptions

!versions <package>

Displays available package versions in portage

!homepage <package>

Displays a package developer's homepage

!entropy <package>

Displays entropy package info

Wiki Search



!swiki <search terms>

Searches the Sabayon Wiki

!gwiki <search terms>

Searches the Gentoo Wiki

!wiki <search terms>

Searches Wikipedia




!google <search terms>

Returns Google search results

!google [define:|spell:|] <word>

Defines a word or checks spelling

!google weather <city|zip>

Provides current weather conditions for given area

!google <1+1> <1 cm in ft>

Does math or conversions

!images <search terms>

Searches Google Images

!news <search terms>

Searches Goolgle News

!local <what> near <location>

Finds places near a location

!video <search terms>

Searches Google Video

!book <search terms>

Searches for books

!blog <search terms>

Searches for blogs

!fight <word(s)> vs <word(s)>

Does a Google Fight!

Language Translation



!trans [email protected] <text>

Google Language Translation





Displays the latest Sabayon News post


Displays the latest Sabayon Planet blog post


Displays the latest Gentoo Security Advisory


Displays the latest Gentoo Weekly Newsletter

The following are for #sabayon-dev only


Displays the latest Entropy package change for x86


Displays the latest Entropy package change for amd64


Displays the latest svn commit in the Sabayon overlay


Displays the latest svn commit in the Sabayon projects repo

Miscellaneous Commands



!seen <nick>

Shows when <nick> was last in the channel

!youtube <search terms>

Searches YouTube

!dailymotiion <search terms>

Searches Dailymotion

!gamespot <search terms>

Searches Gamespot


Searches Ebay

!ebayfight <word(s)> vs <word(s)>

Does an Ebay Fight

!locate <ip or hostname>

Finds the geographical location of an IP or hostname

!review <gamename> [@ system]

Finds game reviews for specified platform

!top <system>

Displays the top game for specified platform

!popular <system>

Displays most popular game for platform

!torrent <search terms>

Searches for a torrent


Add a greeting for the bot to say when you join


Removes current greeting


Displays current greeting

!whatis <term>

Defines a command or acronym

Quote System




Displays a random quote

!quote <search terms>

Searches quote database

!addquote <quote>

Adds a quote to the database