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Before removing a Desktop Environment like RazorQT, you have to keep a few things in mind;

  • Removing too much might leave your system unusable.
  • Be sure to have an alternative DM installed. (gdm or lxdm or lightdm)

That said, unless you are running out of hard drive space or have limited bandwidth for updates,

there is no real harm in having RazorQT installed. If you don't use it, it won't hinder performance.


For this to work, the best way of doing this is to first install a alternative Desktop Environment.

In this tutorial RazorQT will be replaced with Mate.

  1. open a console/terminal and become root. (of course you can also do this with Rigo
  2. install your alternative Desktop Environment:
#   equo install mate --ask

for Rigo: enter:mate in the searchbox, select the metapackage, and click install,

or install directly using a shortcut in the searchbox: do:install mate.

  1. With removing XFCE, LXDM stays untouched, so we don't have to install a alternative LoginManager.
  2. When done, logoff, and logon again into the fresh installed Environment. (NOT RazorQT)

Removing RazorQT

So now we're logged in with Mate.

  1. open your favourite terminal, and become root.
  2. enter following in the terminal:
equo remove libqtxdg razorqt-data --ask
  1. check the package list before proceeding.
In contrary with removing KDE, DON'T use the "--deep" flag here.

With the "--deep" flag enabled, it could also remove some system files, which deptest and libtest don't recover,

so chances are that after a reboot the system is unusable.

final steps

When done, a few final steps, enter equo conf update to check if configuration files needs to be updated, manually.

Eventually, you could perform a equo deptest and equo libtest.