R1000 Internet Drivers for 3.0stable mini

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It seems we have a small bug that may or may not get fixed upstream. It might be fixed via an updated installer, but for now, the r1000 drivers are substitute for a kernel built driver that will be coming out soon.

For those of you that do not get internet, please check your lspci output and if any of the following cards are there, perform the following.

The r1000 driver works with following chipsets: Realtek 8168 - RTL8168(B) (Gigabit Ethernet with PCI interface) Realtek 8169 - RTL8169(S) / RTL8169(SB) / RTL8169(SC) (Gigabit Ethernet with PCI-Express interface) Realtek 8101 - RTL8101(E) (Fast Ethernet with PCI-Express interface) Realtek 8111 - RTL8111(B) (Fast Ethernet with PCI-Express interface)

If you have one of these in lspci output do the following

# depmod -a
# modprobe r1000
# echo "r1000" >> /etc/modules.autoload.d/kernel-2.6
# reboot

You will now have internet at each boot.

Chris Vecchitto