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Starting from Sabayon 13.12, or any other Sabayon release featuring >=app-misc/sabayon-live-10, it's very easy to setup a persistent ${HOME} directory, or better, a persistent /home (thus, not just /home/sabayonuser). You only need to setup a filesystem on any partition you like, featuring the following label: "live:/home", without quotes. You can use a USB memory stick and format it using the ext4 filesystem. Let's assume that the memory stick is available at device /dev/sdf.


Just create a partition, say /dev/sdf1, using your favorite partition editor. GParted is fine, but you can just use cfdisk, fdisk or parted.


Let's use ext4 as filesystem and label it with "live:/home" as written above.

 # mkfs.ext4 -L "live:/home" /dev/sdf1


You don't need to do anything, just boot with the USB memory stick inserted and your filesystem will be mounted on /home.