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'''Installing Neverwinter Nights'''
'''Installing Neverwinter Nights'''

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Installing Neverwinter Nights

Step 1: Buy the game from GoG.com and Download it. Or use your game cd. The install instructions are for the GoG version.

Step 2: Install with wine:

cd ~/Downloads ## path you downloaded to
wine setup_nwn_diamond.exe

have it install to your home directory like ~/nwn

Step 3:

Download these 3 files to your home directory (~):

cd ~
wget http://nwdownloads.bioware.com/neverwinternights/linux/gold/nwclientgold.tar.gz
wget http://nwdownloads.bioware.com/neverwinternights/linux/161/nwclienthotu.tar.gz
wget http://content.bioware.com/neverwinternights/linux/166/English_linuxclient166_xp2.tar.gz

Step 4:

cd ~/nwn
mv nwncdkey.ini nwncdkey.bak
tar -xzf ~/nwclientgold.tar.gz
tar -xzf ~/nwclienthotu.tar.gz
tar -xzf ~/English_linuxclient166_xp2.tar.gz
mv nwncdkey.bak nwncdkey.ini

Step 5: Play the game with ./nwn or create a launcher for it in your desktop enviroment. If you use pulseaudio you might have to kill it before you can play if you want sound, then turn it back on when you are done.

Pulseaudio users:

If you find you have no sound...

nano ~/.pulse/client.conf

and add "autospawn = no" without quotes. Then Ctrl+o to save, and ctrl+x to exit.

Make a script to start the game...

nano ~/nwn/launchnwn

You will add these lines to it and save with ctrl+o, and exit with ctrl+x

cd ~/nwn
pulseaudio -k
sleep 2
pulseaudio &

once you save you will need to set the script as executable

chmod +x ~/nwn/launchnwn

Then to run the game you can make a gnome/kde/whatever launcher that points to ~/nwn/launchnwn or run ~/nwn/launchnwn from a terminal