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The gentoo-sources-2.6.18-r5 and above in Sabayon overlay have the correct patch and 3.2 comes with this automatically

--cvill64 13:46, 12 December 2006 (PST)

Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG

Despite the nasty rumors that are floating around, the Intel Pro Wireless 3945ABG wireless card found in many newer notebooks does work with Sabayon Linux - but not out of the box.

WARNING: These instructions do mess with the kernel and there are alternative ways to accomplish this but these have been the easiest that I have found to date.

The Issue

The issue is this, the ieee80211 stack that comes as part of the 2.6.17-gentoo-r7 kernel is NOT compatable with the ipw3945 driver. Check out the Sourceforge Project[1] and the Gentoo Wiki[2] for more information regarding this.

That being the case, you need to remove the default stack, recompile the kernel with a compatible stack (ieee80211-1.1.13-r1) and then install the driver. Once installed however, it works very well.

NOTE: This issue MAY be resolved with subsequent kernel builds.

The Solution

This information is duplicated here: Dell 6400/e1505

Intel Pro Wireless support is a little trickier as there are many different websites out there that have a varying degree of difficulty in set-up for support of the ipw3945 - and most of the claim to work. The following instructions have worked, but please remember there are many paths to take in this, follow some of the links above and when all else fails consult the Gentoo Wiki [3].

  1. Remove the default ieee80211 stack installed in the kernel - it is not compatible with the ipw3945 driver
    /bin/sh /usr/portage/net-wireless/ieee80211/files/remove-old /usr/src/linux
  2. Emerge the ipw3945 firmware, driver and daemon (there are other options as well available - but check to see if you need them first, i.e. WPA support) Note: if updating the ipw3945d you will likely have to run etc-update.
    emerge ipw3945d ipw3945-ucode ipw3945 ieee80211
  3. Load the module into the kernel
    modprobe ipw3945
  4. The little Wifi light should start flashing, if it doesn't try again. If the light flashes, check to make sure the system is recognizes it
  5. Add the regulatory deamon to start on boot
    rc-update add ipw3945d boot default

After this, use your favorite tool to configure for your access points and you should be golden. For more information visit the Gentoo Wiki[4].

Another small issue.

Ralink WIFI does not currently compile. I had this problem under unbuntu, and it compiled fine on edgy, It did not comple under Feisty. I get the identical error on my gentoo box with it exiting under an error [2]. I Didn't even get to blacklisting modules, as the open ones are horrible but the proprietary one under edgy works like a charm. The proprietary wifi drivers my laptop requires (averatec 2370) are available at http://www.ralink.com.tw/data/RT_73_STA_Drv1.0.3.6.tar.gz