Installing and configure Compiz Fusion

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i18n: Installing_and_configure_Compiz_Fusion

In this Tutorial we are showing you how to install, and configure Compiz.

Compiz is a compositing manager, which means that it enhances the overall user interaction by adding fancy effects to your windows, from drop shadows to awesome desktop effects like the Desktop Cube or the Expo view.

By installing the Meta-package, basically everything you need will be installed.., however, for convenience some other packages should be installed also.

Before executing Compiz, you must know that it starts with a empty profile, and therefore must be configured first before starting.

Please follow the steps below, to successfully install/configure Compiz, ready for usage.

  • Open your favourite Terminal, and become root.

Install the Compiz meta-package by entering:

equo install x11-wm/compiz-fusion --ask

Confirm everything by typing: Y


After confirming everything, the packages will be downloaded and installed.


Now Compiz is installed, but not ready yet for usage., for convenience we're also installing:

the unsupported plugins (perfectly safe, but still use at own risk!), Emerald and themes to draw the borders,

and fusion-icon to launch Compiz:

equo install compiz-plugins-unsupported emerald emerald-themes fusion-icon –ask

Again, confirm everything by typing: Y


When everything is done and installed, next we need to configure Compiz, before executing.

Enter the “ALT-F2” key combination, or a terminal as normal user, and enter:


The Compiz Preferences Window will open.


As you can see here, nothing is enabled yet. But we want to move our windows around, and resize them.,

so scroll down to the end, until you see section “Window Management”

There, we enable the “move window and resize window” plugins, by clicking/marking on the squares.


Next, we would like to have Borders on our windows, so you can expand, minimize or close them.

In order to do so, scroll up a bit, 'till you reached section “Effects”

Enable the “Window Decoration” plugin, by marking the square.


Now it's safe to run Compiz for basic usage. Close Compiz's Preferences Window,

and execute: “Compiz Fusion Icon”, which can be found under System, in the Startup menu,

or by: ALT-F2, and enter: fusion-icon

To choose different borders, right-click fusion-icon in the systray, and select “Emerald Theme Manager”


Select the Border-theme you want. Once selected a theme, it should be applied immediately.

If you are new to Compiz, and want to explore the other functions., e.g. what they do, etc. please see: [Configuration]