How to install Quake4

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-On console:

  ~ $ su -

type root password

-enter on /etc/fstab and add this line

  /dev/sr0   /mnt/cdrom   auto   user,noatime,noauto,exec,managed,ro   0 0   

this line fix mount point on emerge.

  ~ # mkdir /mnt/cdrom

create a directory mount if not exsist

  ~ # chmod 777 /mnt/cdrom

set privilege to "users" group on directory cdrom (of default it is on "root" group)


  ~ # export CD_ROOT_1=/mnt/cdrom
  ~ # export CD_ROOT_2=/mnt/cdrom
  ~ # export CD_ROOT_3=/mnt/cdrom
  ~ # export CD_ROOT_4=/mnt/cdrom

these lines instead indicate to emerge where to take the levels of quake4

-insert Quake4 DVD disk in your mount point (on this example is a device /dev/sr0) and type

  ~ # mount /mnt/cdrom
  ~ # emerge quake4-data

the package quake4-bin is selected automatically...

-accept license

-When ready change from Beryl Manager -> select manager -> kwin to improve stability and performance.

Good Luck...