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Portage is a package management system used by Gentoo Linux. Gentoo is sometimes referred to as a meta-distribution due to the extreme flexibility of Portage, which even makes it operating-system-independent. Sabayon Linux is based on Gentoo, but is a bit different in a few ways. Portage is not the default package manager for Sabayon and should only be used by those that are highly experienced with Gentoo. Sabayon Linux Entropy Server uses Portage to bring you the binary packages, making your life much simpler.

This page is to separate Portage HowTo articles from Entropy HowTo articles. If you have a HowTo article for Portage, please add it here.


The Portage package manager is not the default package manager of Sabayon. It should only be used by advanced users who understand the Portage system and understand what flags can do to a system. If you insist on using Portage and you FUBAR your Sabayon Linux installation, you are on your own. This is your big warning, so pay attention to it.


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