HOWTO: Use Sabayon LiveDVD/CD to recover GCC

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So you did the dreadful thing of unmerging gcc?

The dreadful...

emerge -C gcc

...cue evil music... have the Sabayon LiveDVD/CD? Well you're in luck!

Just use the DVD! No need to download anything or have to make sure it'll just installed the system from Sabayon right? Well it'll work alright Very Happy

Mount your system in /mnt/gentoo

mount /dev/[device-partition] /mnt/gentoo

where [device-partition] is whatever you install gentoo to...e.g. hda1 or sda1

and then:

mount --bind /mnt/gentoo/usr/portage/packages/ /usr/portage/packages/
quickpkg gcc
chroot /mnt/gentoo
emerge -K gcc