HOWTO: Setup shoutcast server on SL box

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As per the sexy wolfden:

it's simple to setup a shoutcast server. Follow the directions below. Bascially what I did was make a folder in my home directory and dumped it all into that, edit the config files and pointed the music.lst to my harddrive and it streams from that hard drive. I just cd to the folder and start up ./sc_serv and ./sc_trans_linux I have my music.lst in the same folder. My mp3s are on the second drive and the music.lst file points to that.

1. Download latest Shoutcast server for Linux:

2. Download latest SHOUTcast DSP Plug-In for Mac OS X, Linux and FreeBSD:

3. Install server:

 cd /usr/local
 mkdir shoutcast

copy or download the shoutcast-x-x-x-linux-glibc6.tar.gz to /usr/local/shoutcast

 gunzip shoutcast-x-x-x-linux-glibc6.tar.gz
 tar -xvf shoutcast-x-x-x-linux-glibc6.tar

4. -Install the DSP plugin w/in /usr/local/shoutcast a. Make directories for each stream you want to run. IE. if you are going to run seperate streams for different genres or artists.... Examples:

mkdir sc_trans_techno
 mkdir sc_trans_hiphop
gunzip sc_trans_posix_xxx.tgz 
(into each sc_trans* directory) c.
 tar -xvf sc_trans_posix_xxx.tar 
(into each sc_trans* directory)

5. Add content a. After install of server, you will have a "content" directory. Make new directories in content for each genre or artist. IE. mkdir techno, mkdir hiphop. b. Move .mp3 files into the respective content directories. c. Create a play list:

find  /usr/local/shoutcast/content/techno -type f -name "*.mp3" > techno.lst

6. Configure Shoutcast server: a. First, copy the sc_serv and sc_serv.conf files to each genre or artist directory you created in step 5a. b. Edit the sc_serv.conf files. Each .conf file in each directory created in Step 5a will have different port numbers, but same IP address and password.

7. Configure Shoutcast DSP plugins: a. Copy the sc_trans_linux, sc_trans.conf to each directory created in step 4a. b. Move the playlist you created in step 5c to the appropriate sc_trans_<genre> folder you created in step 4a. IE. mv techno.lst /usr/local/shoutcast/sc_trans_techno c. Edit the sc_trans.conf file. You will need to specify the file list (techno.lst in the last example), and specify bit rate (128k), and same password you used in step 6c, and servername or IP, and same port # used in the sc_serv.conf you edited in step 6b.

8. Start your server from /usr/local/shoutcast/content/<genre or artist folder> IE. ./sc_serv