HOWTO: Restore user default Sabayon settings

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Restoring User Defaults

Using the command line

In terminal:

[email protected] ~ $ su
localhost user # cp -R /etc/skel /home/username  # change username to your user name

Log out and log in again.


It's more bothersome when using GUI. If you wish to do it knowing that, there are instructions.

Any file manager can be used to do it. All that it is required is to run it with root privileges. To do it:

[email protected] ~ $ su  -c 'file manager'

There are several different File Manager applications. Below there are some listed, along with Desktop Environments with which they're installed.

File manager - DE
caja - Mate
dolphin - KDE
nautilus - GNOME
thunar - XFCE

Additionally it's required to enable view of hidden files in File Manager. Options for it are either in 'View' of File Manager, or in it's settings.

Having unlocked view of hidden files, proceed with those instructions:

  1. After launching FM with root privileges go to directory /etc/skel
  2. Select all files and copy them (either by pressing Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C or doing it by mouse)
  3. Go to /home/username and paste, if you wish, selectively overwriting settings.

Detailed instructions for Konqueror (GUI) in KDE

This option is available for

  1. Press alt-f2 and type kdesu konqueror, enter root password
  2. In the address / location bar type /etc/skel
  3. From the View Menu Select Show all Hidden Files (Ctrl-Shift-H)
  4. Select all the files in this directory (Ctrl-A) and then copy (Edit-Copy or Ctrl-C)
  5. In the address / location bar type /home/username (where username is the name of your user)
  6. Paste the copied files (Edit-Paste or Ctrl-V), if it wants to overwrite select Yes or No depending on if you want the program settings to be restored to default (kde settings are in .kde, beryl settings are in .beryl etc)
  7. Log out and log in again.