HOWTO: Resolve Problems With HDA-INTEL Sound Cards

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I report how some users resolved their problems with a hda-intel audio card.. the guide was originally made by maltese.. i only corrected it a bit.

1) to avoid errors, i suggest to try this guide on live enviroment, and if it works, do it on installed sabayon!

2) look at the list if u see the model of your sound card, keeping in mind that also if it is not the exact name u have, one of the option should work anyway!

This is the list:

    Module snd-hda-intel
      Module for Intel HD Audio (ICH6, ICH6M, ESB2, ICH7, ICH8),
        ATI SB450, SB600, RS600,
        VIA VT8251/VT8237A,
        SIS966, ULI M5461
      model   - force the model name
      position_fix - Fix DMA pointer (0 = auto, 1 = none, 2 = POSBUF, 3 = FIFO size)
      single_cmd  - Use single immediate commands to communicate with
        codecs (for debugging only)
      enable_msi   - Enable Message Signaled Interrupt (MSI) (default = off)
      This module supports one card and autoprobe.
      Each codec may have a model table for different configurations.
      If your machine isn't listed there, the default (usually minimal)
      configuration is set up.  You can pass "model=<name>" option to
      specify a certain model in such a case.  There are different
      models depending on the codec chip.

Model Names and Descriptions:

 770        ----------    -----------
 771      ALC880
 772        3stack   3-jack in back and a headphone out
 773        3stack-digout   3-jack in back, a HP out and a SPDIF out
 774        5stack   5-jack in back, 2-jack in front
 775        5stack-digout   5-jack in back, 2-jack in front, a SPDIF out
 776        6stack   6-jack in back, 2-jack in front
 777        6stack-digout   6-jack with a SPDIF out
 778        w810      3-jack
 779        z71v      3-jack (HP shared SPDIF)
 780        asus      3-jack (ASUS Mobo)
 781        asus-w1v   ASUS W1V
 782        asus-dig   ASUS with SPDIF out
 783        asus-dig2   ASUS with SPDIF out (using GPIO2)
 784        uniwill   3-jack
 785        fujitsu   Fujitsu Laptops (Pi1536)
 786        F1734      2-jack
 787        lg      LG laptop (m1 express dual)
 788        lg-lw      LG LW20/LW25 laptop
 789        tcl      TCL S700
 790        clevo      Clevo laptops (m520G, m665n)
 791        test      for testing/debugging purpose, almost all controls can be
 792            adjusted.  Appearing only when compiled with
 793            $CONFIG_SND_DEBUG=y
 794        auto      auto-config reading BIOS (default)
 796      ALC260
 797        hp      HP machines
 798        hp-3013   HP machines (3013-variant)
 799        fujitsu   Fujitsu S7020
 800        acer      Acer TravelMate
 801        will      Will laptops (PB V7900)
 802        replacer   Replacer 672V
 803        basic      fixed pin assignment (old default model)
 804        test      for testing/debugging purpose, almost all controls can
 805            adjusted.  Appearing only when compiled with
 806            $CONFIG_SND_DEBUG=y
 807        auto      auto-config reading BIOS (default)
 809      ALC262
 810        fujitsu   Fujitsu Laptop
 811        hp-bpc   HP xw4400/6400/8400/9400 laptops
 812        hp-bpc-d7000   HP BPC D7000
 813        hp-tc-t5735   HP Thin Client T5735
 814        hp-rp5700   HP RP5700
 815        benq      Benq ED8
 816        benq-t31   Benq T31
 817        hippo      Hippo (ATI) with jack detection, Sony UX-90s
 818        hippo_1   Hippo (Benq) with jack detection
 819        sony-assamd   Sony ASSAMD
 820        ultra      Samsung Q1 Ultra Vista model
 821        basic      fixed pin assignment w/o SPDIF
 822        auto      auto-config reading BIOS (default)
 824      ALC268
 825        3stack   3-stack model
 826        toshiba   Toshiba A205
 827        acer      Acer laptops
 828        dell      Dell OEM laptops (Vostro 1200)
 829        test      for testing/debugging purpose, almost all controls can
 830            adjusted.  Appearing only when compiled with
 831            $CONFIG_SND_DEBUG=y
 832        auto      auto-config reading BIOS (default)
 834      ALC662
 835        3stack-dig   3-stack (2-channel) with SPDIF
 836        3stack-6ch    3-stack (6-channel)
 837        3stack-6ch-dig 3-stack (6-channel) with SPDIF
 838        6stack-dig    6-stack with SPDIF
 839        lenovo-101e    Lenovo laptop
 840        eeepc-p701   ASUS Eeepc P701
 841        eeepc-ep20   ASUS Eeepc EP20
 842        auto      auto-config reading BIOS (default)
 844      ALC882/885
 845        3stack-dig   3-jack with SPDIF I/O
 846        6stack-dig   6-jack digital with SPDIF I/O
 847        arima      Arima W820Di1
 848        targa      Targa T8, MSI-1049 T8
 849        asus-a7j   ASUS A7J
 850        asus-a7m   ASUS A7M
 851        macpro   MacPro support
 852        mbp3      Macbook Pro rev3
 853        imac24   iMac 24 with jack detection
 854        w2jc      ASUS W2JC
 855        auto      auto-config reading BIOS (default)
 857      ALC883/888
 858        3stack-dig   3-jack with SPDIF I/O
 859        6stack-dig   6-jack digital with SPDIF I/O
 860        3stack-6ch    3-jack 6-channel
 861        3stack-6ch-dig 3-jack 6-channel with SPDIF I/O
 862        6stack-dig-demo  6-jack digital for Intel demo board
 863        acer      Acer laptops (Travelmate 3012WTMi, Aspire 5600, etc)
 864        acer-aspire   Acer Aspire 9810
 865        medion   Medion Laptops
 866        medion-md2   Medion MD2
 867        targa-dig   Targa/MSI
 868        targa-2ch-dig   Targs/MSI with 2-channel
 869        laptop-eapd   3-jack with SPDIF I/O and EAPD (Clevo M540JE, M550JE)
 870        lenovo-101e   Lenovo 101E
 871        lenovo-nb0763   Lenovo NB0763
 872        lenovo-ms7195-dig Lenovo MS7195
 873        haier-w66   Haier W66
 874        6stack-hp   HP machines with 6stack (Nettle boards)
 875        3stack-hp   HP machines with 3stack (Lucknow, Samba boards)
 876        6stack-dell   Dell machines with 6stack (Inspiron 530)
 877        mitac      Mitac 8252D
 878        auto      auto-config reading BIOS (default)
 880      ALC861/660
 881        3stack   3-jack
 882        3stack-dig   3-jack with SPDIF I/O
 883        6stack-dig   6-jack with SPDIF I/O
 884        3stack-660   3-jack (for ALC660)
 885        uniwill-m31   Uniwill M31 laptop
 886        toshiba   Toshiba laptop support
 887        asus      Asus laptop support
 888        asus-laptop   ASUS F2/F3 laptops
 889        auto      auto-config reading BIOS (default)
 891      ALC861VD/660VD
 892        3stack   3-jack
 893        3stack-dig   3-jack with SPDIF OUT
 894        6stack-dig   6-jack with SPDIF OUT
 895        3stack-660   3-jack (for ALC660VD)
 896        3stack-660-digout 3-jack with SPDIF OUT (for ALC660VD)
 897        lenovo   Lenovo 3000 C200
 898        dallas   Dallas laptops
 899        hp      HP TX1000
 900        auto      auto-config reading BIOS (default)
 902      CMI9880
 903        minimal   3-jack in back
 904        min_fp   3-jack in back, 2-jack in front
 905        full      6-jack in back, 2-jack in front
 906        full_dig   6-jack in back, 2-jack in front, SPDIF I/O
 907        allout   5-jack in back, 2-jack in front, SPDIF out
908        auto      auto-config reading BIOS (default)
 910      AD1882
 911        3stack   3-stack mode (default)
 912        6stack   6-stack mode
 914      AD1884
 915        N/A
 917      AD1981
 918        basic      3-jack (default)
 919        hp      HP nx6320
 920        thinkpad   Lenovo Thinkpad T60/X60/Z60
 921        toshiba   Toshiba U205
 923      AD1983
 924        N/A
 926      AD1984
 927        basic      default configuration
 928        thinkpad   Lenovo Thinkpad T61/X61
 929        dell      Dell T3400
 931      AD1986A
 932        6stack   6-jack, separate surrounds (default)
 933        3stack   3-stack, shared surrounds
 934        laptop   2-channel only (FSC V2060, Samsung M50)
 935        laptop-eapd   2-channel with EAPD (Samsung R65, ASUS A6J)
 936        laptop-automute 2-channel with EAPD and HP-automute (Lenovo N100)
 937        ultra      2-channel with EAPD (Samsung Ultra tablet PC)
 939      AD1988
 940        6stack   6-jack
 941        6stack-dig   ditto with SPDIF
 942        3stack   3-jack
 943        3stack-dig   ditto with SPDIF
 944        laptop   3-jack with hp-jack automute
 945        laptop-dig   ditto with SPDIF
 946        auto      auto-config reading BIOS (default)
 948      Conexant 5045
 949        laptop-hpsense    Laptop with HP sense (old model laptop)
 950        laptop-micsense   Laptop with Mic sense (old model fujitsu)
 951        laptop-hpmicsense Laptop with HP and Mic senses
 952        benq      Benq R55E
 953        test      for testing/debugging purpose, almost all controls
 954            can be adjusted.  Appearing only when compiled with
 955            $CONFIG_SND_DEBUG=y
 957      Conexant 5047
 958        laptop   Basic Laptop config
 959        laptop-hp   Laptop config for some HP models (subdevice 30A5)
 960        laptop-eapd   Laptop config with EAPD support
 961        test      for testing/debugging purpose, almost all controls
 962            can be adjusted.  Appearing only when compiled with
 963            $CONFIG_SND_DEBUG=y
 965      Conexant 5051
 966        laptop   Basic Laptop config (default)
 967        hp      HP Spartan laptop
 969      STAC9200
 970        ref      Reference board
 971        dell-d21   Dell (unknown)
 972        dell-d22   Dell (unknown)
 973        dell-d23   Dell (unknown)
 974        dell-m21   Dell Inspiron 630m, Dell Inspiron 640m
 975        dell-m22   Dell Latitude D620, Dell Latitude D820
 976        dell-m23   Dell XPS M1710, Dell Precision M90
 977        dell-m24   Dell Latitude 120L
 978        dell-m25   Dell Inspiron E1505n
 979        dell-m26   Dell Inspiron 1501
 980        dell-m27   Dell Inspiron E1705/9400
 981        gateway   Gateway laptops with EAPD control
 983      STAC9205/9254
 984        ref      Reference board
 985        dell-m42   Dell (unknown)
 986        dell-m43   Dell Precision
 987        dell-m44   Dell Inspiron
 989      STAC9220/9221
 990        ref      Reference board
 991        3stack   D945 3stack
 992        5stack   D945 5stack + SPDIF
 993        intel-mac-v1   Intel Mac Type 1
 994        intel-mac-v2   Intel Mac Type 2
 995        intel-mac-v3   Intel Mac Type 3
 996        intel-mac-v4   Intel Mac Type 4
 997        intel-mac-v5   Intel Mac Type 5
 998        macmini   Intel Mac Mini (equivalent with type 3)
 999        macbook   Intel Mac Book (eq. type 5)
 1000        macbook-pro-v1 Intel Mac Book Pro 1st generation (eq. type 3)
 1001        macbook-pro   Intel Mac Book Pro 2nd generation (eq. type 3)
 1002        imac-intel   Intel iMac (eq. type 2)
 1003        imac-intel-20   Intel iMac (newer version) (eq. type 3)
 1004        dell-d81   Dell (unknown)
 1005        dell-d82   Dell (unknown)
 1006        dell-m81   Dell (unknown)
 1007        dell-m82   Dell XPS M1210
 1009      STAC9202/9250/9251
 1010        ref      Reference board, base config
 1011        m2-2      Some Gateway MX series laptops
 1012        m6      Some Gateway NX series laptops
 1013        pa6      Gateway NX860 series
 1015      STAC9227/9228/9229/927x
 1016        ref      Reference board
 1017        3stack   D965 3stack
 1018        5stack   D965 5stack + SPDIF
 1019        dell-3stack   Dell Dimension E520
 1021      STAC9872
 1022        vaio      Setup for VAIO FE550G/SZ110
 1023        vaio-ar Setup for VAIO AR
 1025 The model name "genric" is treated as a special case.  When this
 1026    model is given, the driver uses the generic codec parser without
 1027   "codec-patch".  It's sometimes good for testing and debugging.
 1029 If the default configuration doesn't work and one of the above
 1030   matches with your device, report it together with the PCI
 1031 subsystem ID (output of "lspci -nv") to ALSA BTS or alsa-devel
 1032 ML (see the section "Links and Addresses").
 1034 Note 2: If you get click noises on output, try the module option
 1035 position_fix=1 or 2.  position_fix=1 will use the SD_LPIB
 1036 register value without FIFO size correction as the current
 1037 DMA pointer.  position_fix=2 will make the driver to use
 1038 the position buffer instead of reading SD_LPIB register.
 1039 (Usually SD_LPLIB register is more accurate than the
 1040 position buffer.)

If there's an application using audio...kill it!

To kill it, open Kde process manager with ctrl+esc or alt+f2 and execute kcontrol and kill processes.

open a console and type:

    $ su

after that run:

    #  rmmod snd-hda-intel 

to unload the driver.

after that run:

    # modprobe snd-hda-intel "YOUR_MODEL"

"YOUR_MODEL" is the one u found (or u think that should work) on the list: type in the model without quotes "-"

then run:

    # echo options snd-hda-intel "YOUR_MODEL" >> /etc/modules.d/alsa


    # update-modules force



When it asks do you want to update the config file select "yes"

then run:


Make sure that "Master" and "Front" are pushed up to the desired level

Now try to play something, if not working...try a reboot before u try another model starting the guide from beginning!

I hope this guide will help someone! ByeZ!

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