HOWTO: Pithos on SL for Pandora users.

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NOTE this article is deprecated since the fine folks at Sabayon added pithos to entropy. A simple equo install pithos does all of this for you now.

Hi all. Recently I've been a fan of Pandora, the genome musical project. By default, Pandora plays in a browser flash window/tab that likes to hog your CPU. If you listen to Pandora, check out top sometime. Your CPU will bounce around like crazy, and the rest of your productivity will take a hit. So I wound up googling a solution and found the friendly project Pithos made for Gnome. I run the latest KDE from entropy, but it took about 10 minutes to install and I threw this together to show you how. Maybe someone with mad entropy skills will hop on this and add it soon. UPDATE: I put in the request to entropy.

First thing is first. Pithos uses Bazaar version control and python-distutils-extra, so you'll need to nab both those with equo if you don't have them:

   sudo equo install bzr python-distutils-extra

Then use bzr to check out and build it:

   bzr branch lp:pithos pithos
   cd pithos
   sudo python install

Note: If you have problems or Python version conflicts, try suffixing the install with "--prefix=/usr/local" as suggested on the pithos website. I had better luck omitting it as above.

   bzr branch lp:pithos pithos
   cd pithos
   sudo python install --prefix=/usr/local

Now you can listen in peace as Pithos hovers under the radar of your poor CPU. If you're using KDE like me, just type pithos into the KDE search panel. I hope someone finds this useful.