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Nowadays installing Enlightenment needs only the package manager and is as easy as executing the command:

   equo install --ask x11-wm/enlightenment:0.17

alternatively you can install the @enlightenment set. It will install additional packages like login manager and is recommended for people who have only one of the "core" editions of Sabayon and want a more complete system. This command will do:

   equo install --ask @enlightenment

and that's it.

The procedure below is old and not recommended to most users.

Taken From Forum Post

Thanks to bearbonez for providing the links to get one started in the right direction. The first thing we need to do is create a folder in your home directory, I called mine e17.

1. Open terminal or konsole, should be in your home directory and run

    $ mkdir e17

2. lets change to our new directory

    $ cd e17

3. we need to grab this script

    $ wget

4. now we need to change to root in terminal/konsole so

    $ su

and enter your root password

5. make our script so we can run it

    # chmod +x

6. Now before we run the script, make sure you have libmpd installed first, if not:

    # emerge media-libs/libmpd

now continue as normal

7. time to run the script

    # ./ -i

let it do it's thing - this will take some time to perform. You will get a message when it is done.

After that I was faced with how to get it to work with gdm/kdm. The solution:

1. need to make a file

    # nano /usr/share/xsessions/e17.desktop
              add the following:
            [Desktop Entry]
               Comment=Log into e17

2. Save and close the file

3. Need to create the link

    # cd /usr/sbin
    # ln -s /opt/e17/sbin/entranced

4. Now you can restart xdm

    # /etc/init.d/xdm restart

5. Under Session manager on your GDM or KDM login select e17

An Alternative is to use entrance which will replace your GDM or KDM and is actually pretty nice, you just need to add DISPLAYMANAGER="entrance" to /etc/rc.conf

You can keep e17 up to date with

After that cd to where you have your script and:

    #  ./ -u

I found it very easy to work with, just got to explorer a bit to find the stuff. It's easier to configure than fluxbox and has more eye candy than fluxbox. It does animated backgrounds OTB and you can even download animated backgrounds through the background configuration. I can still run my gnome applications and kde applications in it. There is even a way to get compiz-fusion working with it. You can even grab themes for it also.