HOWTO: Install a HP Printer

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Installing HP printer under Sabayon Linux the easy way.

1). First you want to install hplip. You can either find the package in sulfur or just type "equo install hplip" in the console. If prompted to add a config, you can merge it and hplip will be added to startup.

2). Once it's installed, open hplip.

3). When hplip is first run, it will inform you that no printers are found and give you an option to begin setup.

4). Select How Your Printer will be Connected to Your Computer.

5). Select the Printer to be Configured.

6). Select the PPD file (or driver) to be Used for Your Printer. (Usually you will want to select the recommended PPD file.)

7). Enter any Printer Information You Wish to Update/Change.

8). Confirm the Printer Settings and Finish the Configuration Process.

You're done! For more information on hplip (including supported printers), please visit .