HOWTO: Install a Brother Printer

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Installing brother printer under Sabayon Linux is fairly straightforward.

1). Install RPM by typing equo --ask rpm from the command line, as root.

2). Download the proper LPR driver rpm from here. Make sure you get the proper package for your printer. Also, make sure that you have it saved into someplace that makes sense, like your home directory.

3). Download the CUPS wrapper rpm from here. Again, make sure you get the PROPER package for your printer. Save this to the same place that you save the LPR driver.

4). Open up a terminal. using su, become root. Change to the directory where you saved the rpms, by using cd (directory).

5). Install the rpms, by typing rpm -ivh --nodeps followed by the rpm file names. Do this for BOTH rpm files.

6). After you have installed the rpm files, it is neccesary to copy a file. In order to do this, enter cd /usr/lib/cups/filter/ and, once you have changed directories, enter ls | grep brlpd and look at the output. Find the file that corresponds to your printer. To copy this file to the proper location, copy this file by using cp brlpdwrapper(model) /usr/libexec/cups/filter/brlpdwrapper(model).

7). Final step! Yay! All that's left to do now is to restart cups by restarting the org.cups.cupsd.service systemd unit.