HOWTO: Huawei e220

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Howto install and setup huawei e220 HSDPA usb modem

Downloading OOZIE's workaround-kit for e220

1) Open konsole (if you are using kde, press alt-f2 and type konsole

2) We need have root acces when installing it so type su and entter your root's password

3) Go to directory where you want to download the pkg. it's ok to download it to your home folder also.

4) type wget

5) extract huawei.tar.bz2

6) type cd /where/huawei.tar.bz2/have/extracted/

7) type make generic_install

8) type make config

9) plug in your e220 and wait untill blue led is blinking

10) type pppd call huawei-e220 and you are connected to internet :)