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This article uses Portage. Do not proceed if you have no idea what Portage is.

Updated 1/28/08

Editing /etc/portage/package.keywords

Basically make sure that the file /etc/portage/package.keywords looks like this:

File: /etc/portage/package.keywords
x11-plugins/compiz-fusion-plugins-atlantis **
x11-plugins/compiz-fusion-plugins-threed **
x11-libs/compiz-bcop **
x11-apps/fusion-icon **
x11-libs/bcop **
dev-python/compizconfig-python **
x11-wm/compiz-fusion **
x11-wm/compiz **
x11-plugins/compiz-plugins-screensaver **
x11-plugins/compiz-fusion-plugins-wallpaper **
x11-plugins/compiz-fusion-plugins-main **
x11-plugins/compiz-fusion-plugins-extra **
x11-plugins/compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported **
x11-plugins/compiz-fusion-plugins-threed **
x11-wm/emerald **
x11-themes/emerald-themes **
x11-apps/ccsm **
x11-libs/libcompizconfig **
x11-libs/compizconfig-backend-gconf **
x11-libs/compizconfig-backend-kconfig **

Preparing the Overlays

First off we add the xeffects layman:

# layman -Lka desktop-effects

Then delete our overlay, the sabayon one:

#layman -d sabayon

Next clear out the distfiles in portage

# rm -rf /usr/portage/distfiles/git-src/*

If you haven't already, add the use flags required for x11-libs/libX11

# echo "x11-libs/libX11 xcb" >> /etc/portage/package.use

Then rebuild it:

# emerge -C x11-libs/libX11 && emerge -va x11-libs/libX11

Out with the old, in with the new.

Clear out Compiz Fusion's old packages by doing this

# emerge -C x11-libs/bcop x11-apps/ccsm x11-wm/compiz x11-libs/compiz-bcop x11-libs/compizconfig-backend-gconf x11-libs/compizconfig-backend-kconfig dev-python/compizconfig-python x11-wm/compiz-fusion 11-plugins/compiz-fusion-plugins-extra x11-plugins/compiz-fusion-plugins-main x11-plugins/compiz-fusion-plugins-threed x11-plugins/compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported x11-apps/fusion-icon x11-libs/libcompizconfig x11-plugins/compiz-users-pafy-screensaver x11-plugins/compiz-fusion-plugins-atlantis

Now pay thanks to Mr. Trench. He likes to idle in the IRC channel and keep up with Compiz Fusion development. So he was kind enough to make us a script.

File: /usr/bin/

    compiz_git_packages="compiz-fusion \
    compiz \
    libcompizconfig \
    compizconfig-python \
    compiz-bcop \
    compizconfig-backend-kconfig \
    compiz-fusion-plugins-main \
    compiz-fusion-plugins-extra \
    compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported \
    x11-apps/fusion-icon \
    x11-apps/ccsm \
    x11-wm/emerald \

    update_overlay() {
       layman -s desktop-effects

    case "$1" in
                    echo -e "Updating desktop-effects overlay"
                    echo -e "Purging packages"
                    emerge -C ${compiz_git_packages}
                    echo -e "Emerging packages"
                    emerge --oneshot --ask --verbose ${compiz_git_packages}

                    echo "Making binary package backups of currently emerged compiz-fusion packages."
                    quickpkg ${compiz_git_packages}

                    echo "Reverting to the most recent binary backups of the compiz-fusion git packages."
                    emerge --oneshot --ask --verbose --usepkgonly  ${compiz_git_packages}

                    echo "Cleaning all files downloaded from git."
          rm -rf /usr/portage/distfiles/git-src/*

                    echo -e "`basename ${0}` usage:\n"
                    echo -e "`basename ${0}` backup"
                    echo -e "Make binary packages out of the currently merged compiz-fusion packages.\n"
                    echo -e "`basename ${0}` merge"
                    echo -e "Remerge compiz-fusion packages.\n"
                    echo -e "`basename ${0}` revert"
                    echo -e "Revert to the most recent binary backups of the compiz-fusion git packages.\n"
                    echo -e "`basename ${0}` purge_git"
                    echo -e "Purge all files downloaded from git.\n"

    exit 0

Next you have to make it executable:

 # chmod +x /usr/bin/

Now there are three options to this script; merge, backup, and revert. The former will allow us to emerge the latest fusion. The second to latter will allows us to backup fusion. And the latter will allow us to revert to a backup of Fusion should we ever need to. To install all of Compiz Fusion do this

# merge

And sit back, grab a cup of coffee and some cookies or something and let it work.

Backing up Fusion

Next we will want to backup the Fusion we just emerged so do these commands in succession.

# mkdir /usr/portage/packages
# backup
# ls /usr/portage/packages

And if you ever have to revert just do:

# revert

Finishing up

Change the overlays back by doing these commands

 layman -d desktop-effects
layman -a sabayon
That former command is optional, you can keep the desktop-effects and the sabayon overlays on the same machine

There you go. You have the latest Fusion with all the goodies. Enjoy!


Wolfdens Guide to the latest Fusion << will always have the latest information first

--Element 01:32, 28 September 2007 (UTC)