HOWTO: Get 64bit Sun Java Working in Firefox

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    equo remove emul-linux-x86-java


    equo remove icedtea

if you use portage - use emerge -C in replace of equo remove


    emerge sun-jdk


    java-config --set-system-vm sun-jdk-1.6

so that java-config --list-available-vms shows:

  • ) Sun JDK [sun-jdk-1.6]

5. set the plugin

    eselect java-nsplugin set 64bit sun-jdk-1.6

so that eselect java-nsplugin list shows:

Available 32-bit Java browser plugins

Available 64-bit Java browser plugins

[1] sun-jdk-1.6 current

Head on over to

why this over icetea? some are reporting it works on more sites than icetea. It's worked on all sites I tested it on, sometimes I have to hit the refresh page button twice, but it works.

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