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So your 3D desktop is broke, but it worked just fine with the livecd/dvd

Well in theory what you see is what you get when you install sabayon linux, so if 3D desktop was working with the livecd/dvd it should follow through and work when you boot into your fresh new install. Well, we all know how a theory can be tho, it just don't work for everyone. So what can you do, you ask us a million times a day in irc, well not a million, but one of the most overly asked questions.

First thing you are gonna want to do: make sure you md5sum is good after you download your .iso file, I can't stress that enough. make sure you have burnt the cd as slow as possible with burn verfiy.

You will be asked those two questions every time, so please do this so we don't have to waste bandwidth reasking. It may seem petty to you about checking the md5sum, but without knowing you're starting out with a good iso file it's pointless. We can spend weeks troubleshooting and if your md5sum was bad, holy smokes we just wasted a lot of time and caused a lot of frustration. With a bad md5sum you can still get a bootable working desktop, but may have issues else where. So keep in mind, just cause it boots, doesn't mean the iso is good. How do I check the md5sum and disk you ask? Well lucky for you: ... or_LiveDVD

Ok, so you made sure the md5sum was good and you burnt the disk at a nice slow speed with burn verify enabled. Now we can start looking at other things. Do you have the latest and correct video driver? That will be first thing to know.

Nvidia card owners, the following link will save you hours of frustration. Yes, certain cards require certain drivers: ... he_drivers If masking gives you hives wondering what it is, than please read more here:

Our wiki also has howto get nvidia and ati cards working too, use the relevant information: ... in_Sabayon

How to get AIGLX working with ATI: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=12438

Ok, so you doubled checked your video card and you have the proper driver installed and you have restarted X. How do you restart X you ask?? Well, a simple key stroke combination of ctrl+alt+backspace or open konsole or terminal and type su - than your root password than /etc/init.d/xdm restart --- either method works. If all else fails, reboot the computer.

Now you're back in the desktop, time to run Acceleration Manager, this can be done several ways. It can be found in the Kmenu, click the kmenu icon and it's there some place. I prefer the terminal myself so I will explain that.

open konsole or terminal

    type su
    enter root password
    eselect opengl list    << make sure your driver has the * - if not run eselect opengl set drivername, example eselect opengl set nvidia
    restart X
    run - accel-manager << make your selection
    restart X

Most people forget to restart X after this process. It should be working, if you don't have the blue square fusion-icon in your task bar than simple hit alt+F2 and type in fusion-icon to start the 3D world.

The above method will work for most people, but you will find that maybe it didn't work for you. Why? I don't know. A little bit of research into /etc/X11/xorg.conf can usually resolve the remaining few that have problems. The following links are full of information for AIGLX and XGL, again, only use the information that is relevant. You will want to pay attention to the xorg.conf settings they have on those pages and compare it to your xorg.conf so it matches. howto AIGLX howto XGL

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