HOWTO: Enable wireless with ipw2200

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The ipw2200 is supported under Sabayon however it requires a bit extra to get it working. Before the wireless adapter will function you need to issue the following command:

# iwconfig ethX txpower on

where X is the number of your device. Once this command is issued you should see "radio on" in the details for your wireless adapter if you issue an iwconfig command. By default Sabayon does not turn on the device. Its is unknown if there are plans to fix this in future versions.

if you want to have it done whenever you start Sabayon Linux, you can create a small script that will do it for you: create a file with you favorite text editor where you'll put those lines es.

# nano -w radioon
iwconfig ethX txpower on 

where X is the number of the device.

Once done copy that file in /usr/bin/

# cp radioon /usr/bin/radioon

and as root do:

# chmod 755 radioon

and then add it to the boot with rc-update add radioon