HOWTO: Create a live USB drive with Rosa ImageWriter

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Rosa Image Writer

Name Homepage Version
Rosa Image Writer 2.6.2

About RosaImageWriter

RosaImageWriter is a graphical tool to burning an ISO image to USB flash drive . It is provided by Rosa Linux operating system. It is cross platform and it is available for Windows, MacOS X and GNU-Linux 32/64 bits.

Download and Install

Download your favourite RosaImageWriter version :

Download R.I.W. for Linux 64bit and save the archive to Desktop folder

$ cd ~/Desktop
$ wget

Unpack the archive (You can run your favourite archive manager like Ark or FileRoller)

$ tar -xavpf RosaImageWriter-2.6.2-lin-x86_64.tar.xz

Tar Options

  • x : Extract the archive
  • a : Archive type -Autodetect-
  • v : Verbose mode
  • p : Preserve permissions
  • f : Extract the archive given

RosaImageWriter folder will be created in your Desktop folder.Please read README,html file info for more information. RosaImageWriter executable is available in this folder. Make sure it has execution permissions , if not

~/Desktop $ chmod +x RosaImageWriter/RosaImageWriter

You can starts RosaImageWriter simply running its executable on its folder

~/Desktop/RosaImageWriter $ ./RosaImageWriter

or copy/move the binary file to /usr/local/bin directory and run RosaImageWriter or whatever you want (e.g. renaming to RIW)

~/Desktop/RosaImageWriter$ sudo cp RosaImageWriter /usr/local/bin/RIW

and starts RosaImageWriter

~ $ RIW

(A root password will be required)

Plugin an USB device , it will be detected and will be shown to the RIW device field.

Warning !! This tool deletes all the data on the selected USB device, including the partition table (if any), so please be careful and check your actions twice!.

Rosa Image Writer window
Rosa Image Writer wipe warning
Rosa Image Writer burning progress
Rosa Image Writer success

Your USB stick is ready to boot :) .Reboot your system and make sure that your pc can boot from USB device.

Good luck !

Rosa Image Writer and QT5

Rosa Image Writer works fine on KDE desktop environment and QT framework , Please read RosaImageWriter page for more informations.

$ ldd RosaImageWriter (0x00007ffed6a33000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007ff0ea941000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007ff0ea6fe000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007ff0ea438000) => /lib64/ (0x00007ff0ea234000) => /lib64/ (0x00007ff0ea02c000) => /lib64/ (0x00007ff0e9e0f000) => /lib64/ (0x00007ff0e9b09000) => /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/4.9.3/ (0x00007ff0e98f2000) => /lib64/ (0x00007ff0e9545000)
       /lib64/ (0x00007ff0eab67000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007ff0e9341000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007ff0e913b000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007ff0e8f10000) => /lib64/ (0x00007ff0e8cf9000) => /lib64/ (0x00007ff0e8ae8000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007ff0e88b2000) => /usr/lib64/ (0x00007ff0e869c000) 

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