HOWTO: Contributing to SCR

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Package Requests

If you are not familiar with the infrastructure and how to make a Pull request to get a package inside the community repositories, open a bug request [1]

Setup a local testing environment

 vagrant plugin install vagrant-persistent-storage
 vagrant up

  • Fork a copy of in Github.
  • The provisioning script checks out a copy into ./repositories inside your community-buildspec working copy. Update the origin remote URL to point at your own github fork

 cd repositories
 git remote set-url origin [email protected]:${your_github_username}/community-repositories.git
  • Make any changes to the repository config files you wish, e.g. adding a new package
  • Run a test build of the repository on your own machine

 vagrant ssh
 sudo su -
 cd /vagrant/repositories/${repo_you_want_to_build}/

Clean up caches

Docker images

List current images:

sabayon ~ # docker images
REPOSITORY                            TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
sabayon/builder-amd64-sihnon-common   latest              de101af3e5f0        4 minutes ago       7.919 GB
<none>                                <none>              5d6b6223c3c6        47 minutes ago      6.747 GB
sabayon/builder-amd64-sihnon-server   latest              6950337b5b61        2 days ago          8.17 GB
<none>                                <none>              56c4b5cbccb2        2 days ago          6.486 GB
sabayon/builder-amd64                 latest              023fbad8416f        2 days ago          3.535 GB
sabayon/eit-amd64                     latest              fa07f471556f        2 days ago          1.701 GB

Delete an image:

sabayon ~ # docker rmi -f sabayon/builder-amd64-sihnon-common
Untagged: sabayon/builder-amd64-sihnon-common:latest
Deleted: sha256:de101af3e5f0b75e38133e88aefb51f337573f2872d8c5fd334cc7333109a543
Deleted: sha256:af2c266c622af79f5c7cd84ba96a78f5bfde1d2c593d5ba43f70c576ab0b1680
Deleted: sha256:e75ef42c43ab2296ca96bb798f73e8fe2516b215fbe747a5c3b67148c4445c97
Deleted: sha256:57835ffc466aec7f36b932d848419b570f6fc0d1ddc392570e63ed2b3a2c9478