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Sabayon Linux testers manual

Becoming a Sabayon Linux tester

  1. download the form from here [1]

full it out and email to [email protected] if he dosn't reply within a week send another.

The Sabayon Linux Testers Manual

Heres is a set of guidelines/rules that you should take into account when using the mailing list.

Use the correct email address when using ML, this would be the one you used to sign up with. If you have issues, contact wolfden for help [email protected]

It is also highly recommend you sign up to the Sabayon dev mailing list as well you can find that here this will keep you up to date with releases etc.

Remember at all times

“Programmers are arrogant, it comes with the territory”

This doesn't mean that the are horrible people it Means if you do something wrong and get an offensive reply, even if it was a innocent mistake (ie you weren't aware), don't take it offensively The person doesn't really mean what he/she says. Just make sure you don't do the same mistake again. ""this is due to the fact that no one is getting paid to work on Sabayon Linux"" and they are usually under a lot of stress from their job and Sabayon Linux. Also as part of this make sure that you respect others on the mailing list and on the irc this is not a competition we are working together to create something amazing.

Do not use HTML formatting Plain text only, and please double check spelling and that everything makes sense.

Use Attachments for error logs or pastebin sites DO NOT copy and paste your debugging logs in the main email, this makes the email hard to understand and it annoys people. Instead save as a .txt document and attach it. or give the url to where it is on a pastebin site (for example

Testers ML is for testing only This means if you have an issue with a non-testing program, or version of Sabayon (ie Sabayon 4.x) either email the dev mailing list. Or open up Freenode IRC and join any of these channels: #sabayon This is the general help I have a problem channel, but keep on Sabayon topic #sabayon-dev This is the developers channel, designed for the main developers. #sabayon-social This one is for “off topic” conversions about anything-like beer :) #sabayon-testers This is the testers only channel where you can ask tester based questions note may not be very busy will get busy soon but ask question once and wait someone will be with you. Note needs the password, you should of got it from wolfden, ask for it.

Most Importantly: Be as complete as possible with errors and logs.

This means:

Include Sabayon version and type, what the problem is with what program in detail. And any other things you might think that is necessary ie these thing should be in it these should be in every error log: remebering that no-one remember what system you are running

  1. Sabayon release, eg Sabayon 5.1 (and u will obviously have the testers repo otherwise you are wasting your time reading this, unless u plan to become a tester)
  2. desktop manager, Gnome or Kde.
  3. Architecture, x86 or amd-64

Other details that should be there:

  1. what software is at fault
  2. When it crashes
  3. what you have tried to fix it (if anything not required but does help)
  4. any hardware that could be a problem (once again no-one remembers your hardware and if u have a difficult device like ati radeon please say)
  5. The error logs attached or pastebin url included. (to make one run the application in a terminal with the debug setting usally --debug-mode but see the help file if it doesn't work --help)
  6. and weather you hop or installed from disk

An example:

Just installed SL 5.1 Beta 1 x86 K (fully updated up to 19.00)and have various issues:

Most important: A right click on the Desktop folder and "add shortcut to location" freezes the system. There is a plasma warning screen that wants to come up (it flashes on the panel) but can't. Ctrl, Alt, Del is the only way out. This is repeatable. please see the attachments or i have got a paste bin here url to pastebin site (than end it with something like)

thanks your name

hopefully someone knows how to fix it, follow there instructions, if they tell you to read something, read it.

Lastly Have fun :-) Enjoy working with the Sabayon team. If you want a whos, who with the developing Team it can be found here

--Sixx 10:18, 20 November 2009 (CET)