HOWTO: Avoid network configurations being overwritten after reboot

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Please note that OpenRC is no longer supported in Sabayon. Recent docs HOWTO: Get networking and network services working in Sabayon aka The Networking Guide

This a simple HOWTO concerning a common issue: users configure their /etc/conf.d/net file, but sometimes configurations get overwritten after reboot. A simple way to avoid it is to the following:

1. Disable NetworkManager

# rc-update del NetworkManager

2. Set your configuration

# vim /etc/conf.d/net

3. Reboot and test if your configuration has been set successfully.

Some examples of how to configure /etc/conf.d/net (assuming you are configurnig eth0, but it can be eth1, wlan0, etc.)

Example to fetch all configuration from dhcp:

config_eth0=( "dhcp" )

Example to use dynamic IP but static DNS server:

config_eth0=( "dhcp" )

Example for static IP and static DNS server:

config_eth0=(" netmask")
routes_eth0=("default via")