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Just thought I would share this tip with you all as it's been bugging me for weeks.

I had two problems regarding superkaramba widgets and compiz-fusion.

    1) My Superkaramba widgets would only display on desktop one.
    2) If I clicked on the Show Desktop icon, my widgets would minimize them selves along with all other windows.


    1) Open up CompizConfig Settings Manager (ccsm)
    2) Ensure that the Regex Matching plugin is enabled in the Utility group.
    3) Enable the Window Rules plugin in the Window Management group and click on it. You will then be presented with a tab called "Matches" and lots of empty values.
    4) Enter the value "class=Superkaramba & type=dock" (without quotes) into the following three boxes: Below, Sticky and non minimizable Windows

You should now have your superkaramba widgets on all four desktops, and when you click the Show Desktop icon, they wont disappear.

Note: This can be done for Gnome widgets too. You can find the original thread here.

All the best


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