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Ideas Page

This page contains a list of potential project ideas that we are keen to develop during GSoC 2016. We also have additional project ideas that are currently undergoing internal review. These will be added here, once project deliverables and available mentors have been confirmed. This is our first year we apply as organization, and results (if we are going to be accepted or not) are published the 29th of Febraury.

Ideas list is open, and if you have a good one, feel free to add it in there.


  • Port Entropy to Python 3 (knowledge of Python required)
  • Websites/OS/UX redesign (knowledge of HTML, Javascript, CSS and MySQL required, New website preview Source)
  • Open Build Service addon (knowledge of python and perl)
  • Building infrastructure for repositories. (still an open field of discussion. Current work is splitted in a lot of areas e.g. Golang daemon + Web Interface, Scripting mechanisms to automatize builds)
  • Enhance Entropy features, like parallel install and dependency resolution (this is for high skilled. requires understanding locking mechanisms and/or SAT problems)

For students and Mentors

These ideas were contributed by our developers and users. They are sometimes vague or incomplete. If you wish to submit a proposal based on these ideas, you may wish to contact the developers and find out more about the particular suggestion you're looking at.

If you are a student and you want to propose a better idea, please reach us on IRC at #sabayon-dev or by mailing list [1]

You’re welcome to flesh out one of these projects with your own ideas, or to come up with something completely different. We also are writing some application guidelines for more suggestions on writing a proposal.

It is available a GitHub repository where you can find more informations and a template for the proposals [2].