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=='''Howto install FreeSpace 2'''==
=='''Howto install FreeSpace 2'''==

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Howto install FreeSpace 2

Step 1: Buy the game from GoG.com and download it. Or use your game cd.

Step 2: Install with wine to ~/freespace2

Step 3: Download the java Freespace 2 open installer and run it:

wget http://www.fsoinstaller.com/files/installer/java/FreeSpaceOpenInstaller.jar
java -jar FreeSpaceOpenInstaller.jar

Tell it to install to ~/freespace2. If you have an old computer, do the normal install with linux binaries, if you have a decent one I suggest doing “the works” install and select all but the windows and mac binaries so you get all the mods.

Step 4: Now you need the launcher. I suggest YAL (yet another launcher). Download it from http://vega.livecd.pl/~havner/yal/linux/ If you want to compile it, pick the latest package that doesn't have bin in it's name. Copy fs2_launcher to ~/freespace2 and use that to setup and launch your game.