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Under Construction
This article is currently under construction and may be incomplete or change frequently.
These features are currently experimental.
Changing USE flags can cause a variation of exported library symbols which can cause troubles when mixing packages. This issue is going to be solved in the next release, for now, just pay attention!
Maintaining a repository is not for newbies.
If you run "equo --help" you will also find the list of available commands. Even if all should work quite fine, this feature is still experimental and needs your feedback!

Setting Up A Community Repository

For more information see the En:HOWTO: Set Up A Community Repository main entry

Package Management

Equo has some advanced functions for managing community repositories, this page is designed to give a more detailed overview of equos community repository management abilities.There are a lot of things you can do on Community Repositories, just be patient and read the output carefully.

Adding Packages

Please make sure you have a fully synced and working portage system

1. Emerge the package of your choosing

emerge -v1 <package_name> 

At this stage any standard Portage functions can be used, for instance to change use flags

USE="flag1 -flag2" emerge -v1 <package_name>
While it is possible to emerge multiple packages it is NOT recommended as current versions of equo tend to miss the first few packages that are compiled
  1. Run the status command to check your repository is working
equo community repo <your_repo_ID_here> status

2. Scan the system for new packages and package them using the repos update function

equo community repos update

This will present you with a list of packages that have been added, and will ask if you want to add them to your repo, if you do, select yes. If you don't want to be prompted about this you can use the --noask amendment, for instance

equo community repos update --noask

3. Now the packages have been added to the local database all you need to do is sync your mirrors, to do this simple run this command:

equo community mirrors sync

This will connect to your mirror(s) and upload the packages, md5sums, a new database revision and RSS feeds etc 4. If you have added your own repository as a client you will see that there are updates available! 5. Congratulations!

Removing Packages

Mirror Management

Database Management