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2012-11-24 Some ISO'S in daily are broken

Some ISO'S (if not all) in daily got broken: Problems such as: DE/WM'S are missing, you can't login, Anaconda doesn't work, and very, very bad Graphics is highly possible.

The latest entropy should fix the problem, the prior version ignored the sets, so that is why stuff is missing.

The develop team is aware of this. Soon, new ISO'S will be uploaded.

2012-09-22 Linux 3.5.4 kernel, where is it?

In the Press release of Sabayon 10, kernel 3.5.4 with the BFQ iosched written by Paolo Valente was announced.

If you're wondering: where is it, then? can't find it in the repositories;

It's the latest "sys-kernel/linux-sabayon-3.5-r7" available in the repositories.

You're not gonna find "3.5.4", because Sabayon doesn't slot 3.5.x, it only stores one 3.x kernel and increments the revision each

time a new 3.x kernel is released.

2012-09-20 New ATI drivers available in Limbo-Repository

Last week, new AMD Catalyst 12.6 Legacy drivers were added to the Limbo (testing) Repository.

These are the famous AMD Catalyst 12.6 Legacy drivers, still supporting HD2xxx -> HD4xxx video cards.

The new driver is tested with Radeon HD 4850, and works.

x11-drivers/ati-drivers-12.6_beta_pre897 is available for kernel-versions 3.2.0, 3.3.0, 3.4.0, and 3.5.0

2012-08-28 FIX for "equo rescue spmsync"

Lately there was a problem with "equo rescue spmsync", removing vital packages as well.

Fabio Erculiani (Founder of Sabayon), has just found a fix.,

All you have to do, as root, is just enter in a terminal:

for d in /var/db/pkg/*/*; do touch "${d}"; done

Allthough fixed, it would still be advised to use the "--ask" flag.

2012-08-25 equo rescue spmsync, misleading

When adding packages with Portage, you usually run "equo rescue spmsync" to tell Entropy what you did.

However, it seems that when using that command, it wants to remove vital packages as well.

So please, at least use the "--ask" flag for now,

equo rescue spmsync --ask

check the list of packages it wants to remove in the first part, and if in doubt, say "No"

In the second part, when asking you to ADD the packages you've just emerged, say "Yes", of course.

Also. make sure that "ignore-spm-downgrades = disable" variable in /etc/entropy/client.conf

is set to ignore-spm-downgrades = enable

2012-08-23 Mate-iso missing Mate

The MATE iso is missing MATE. It will get sorted, remember MATE is a work in progress, like an alpha thing.

Please be patient, expect a working one next week, even though still highly experimental.

For those downloaded the Mate iso allready, there's a workaround, untill a good working iso has uploaded. Revisiting MATE

New ISO's hit the daily mirrors.

As from aug-5th-2012, new ISO's got pushed to the daily mirrors. Sabayon mirrors

2012-08-03 upcoming Rigo features.

Rigo (the graphical Package Manager) features (1.0_rc131): - Search completion (listing the recent searches) - "Optimize Download Mirrors" feature (Rigo's version of equo repo mirrorsort) - Special commands via search bar: in:queue, in:installed, in:notice, in:config, do:update, do:upgrade, do:install <app name>, do:remove <app name>, do:upgrade, do:hello Have fun figuring out what they really do (once 1.0_rc131 is out)


2012-07-30-Upcoming important updates for ATI/AMD GPU owners.

The next week we're going to roll out an important X.Org Server update. We are updating this vital component of the distro to version 1.12.2. In order to do so, we are now forced to upgrade the AMD Catalyst Drivers to version 12.6. This version also discontinues the support for Radeon HD 2000/3000/4000. If you own one of these cards, you better switch to the OpenSource drivers NOW. More info about this can be found on the forum: X-Server fails to start

2012-06-12-LibreOffice freezes in Sabayon 9.

we just discovered that in the default Sabayon 9 ISO images, LibreOffice is freezing for a few minutes when starting a new document. The fix to this bug is easy, just remove app-officeext/languagetool using either Rigo or Equo.


Beginning with sys-apps/portage-, FEATURES=config-protect-if-modified is enabled by default. This causes the CONFIG_PROTECT behavior to be skipped for files that have not been modified since they were installed.

If you would like to disable this behavior by default, then set FEATURES="-config-protect-if-modified" in make.conf. See the make.conf(5) man page for more information about this feature.

udev-181 is being unmasked on 2012-03-19.

This news item is to inform you that once you upgrade to a version of udev >=181, if you have /usr on a separate partition, you must boot your system with an initramfs which pre-mounts /usr.

An initramfs which does this is created by >=sys-kernel/genkernel- or >=sys-kernel/dracut-017-r1. If you do not want to use these tools, be sure any initramfs you create pre-mounts /usr.

Also, if you are using OpenRC, you must upgrade to >= openrc-0.9.9.

For more information on why this has been done, see the following URL: http://freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/separate-usr-is-broken