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The following content is identical to Visual Tour: Boot-menu Sabayon LiveCD/DVD

Welcome to the visual tour part 1 booting the Sabayon Linux cd/dvd process. In this process I will show you how to boot with custom parameters also known as "cheat codes". This is working with the DVD 3.5


In order to boot the live cd/dvd all you have to do is make sure your bios is set to boot off of your cd/dvdrom drive first. Check with your motherboard manual on how to change the boot order. So power up the computer and place the cd/dvd into your drive. The computer should auto detect a bootable disk and you should be looking at a screen similar to the one to the right of here. Click Images to See Full Sizes


This is the screen where we can enter in your boot parameters aka "cheat codes". I'm doing this in vmware server and I am going to purposely enter the wrong parameters, which I will cover in Visual Tour Part II, editing the xorg.conf file. So back on track here, we want to hit F5 and now you see the box that is displaying in the image.


We don't want to mess with any thing that is already in that box, we just want to simply add to it. As you can see in the picture I placed my "cheat codes" behind the music and made sure the spacing was all proper. I added res=1024x768 refresh=75 because that is what my hardware is. You will adjust that to what ever you need for your hardware, now hit Enter - - Also see Boot Parameters at this page Sabayon_Linux#Boot_parameters_ands_workarounds_for_problematic_Hardware and Tips#Cheat_Codes


And we are off and running!


You can hit Alt F1 and you will now see the following


Once again the lovely screen will come back, you can hit Alt F1 again or just sit back and wait.


I like to see what is going on behind the scenes and love to see all those [ ok ] so I hit Alt F1. We are getting near the end here and look at the pretty clues it tells you for users and passwords. Now you may have to have some patience at this point and time and let it fire up it's magic to get your video card ready for the eye candy.


Hurray! It's our Desktop Acceleration and this is where you set your Desktop Acceleration, all depending on your hardware and setup. So make your selection and click the Blue box below your choices.


Woot! We made it to the login screen, piece of cake. All you need to do here is click on the arrow button.


The beautiful KDE starting up


KDE is loading


KDE is now fully loaded.

We are ready to move on Visual Tour: Part 2 Editing the xorg.conf