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Work in Progress This wiki page is under construction

The Sabayon Community Repositories (SCR) is a community-driven collection of repositories for Sabayon users.

It contains packages built and kept up-to-date by the SCR Build System that allow you to install a package directly with equo.

The SCR was created to keep in a clean and well state the Entropy main repositories, with the goal to reduce it's size and impact. The SCR is the infrastructure to organize and share new packages from the community and to also build popular packages into the community repository.

This document explains how users can access and utilize the SCR infrastructure. SCR contains mostly packages that can be found in Gentoo Overlays (layman) and that cannot be maintained by the Sabayon Dev team. In the SCR, users are able also to contribute their own package builds (ebuilds and related files). The SCR community has the ability to vote for or against packages/repositories in the SCR Build System. All the repositories provides packages in the binary form.

Getting started

Users can search packages in the SCR website[1], that will display informations on how to install them. We will resume here briefly:

  • Disable weekly repositories and enable current:
   sudo equo repo disable sabayon-weekly
   sudo equo repo enable sabayonlinux.org
  • Upgrade your system:
   sudo equo up && sudo equo u
  • Install enman, the repository manager:
   sudo equo i enman
  • Add a repository available in SCR:
   sudo enman add <repository>

For example, to add the community repository

   sudo enman add community
  • Update repositories definitions:
   sudo equo up

Now you can install and search packages as usual.


Contributions by users can be done by raising a pull request directly to the community-repositories GitHub repository [2], or filling a bug in the SCR section inside the Sabayon Bugzilla [3]. To set up a local testing environment, you can follow the wiki how-to [4]


How i unmask -9999 packages?

In the SCR you can find packages that ends with -9999, those packages are live, which means they are built (nightly) against the current sourcecode of the software.

To install them in your machine, it is requested a manual intervention from the client side, to avoid breaking your system (live packages are REALLY unstable!).

You have to manually add the packages that you wish to install the -9999 version inside packages.unmask:

    echo "app-foo/bar-9999" >> /etc/entropy/packages/packages.unmask