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This page is under construction. I'll try to documentate some R stuff related to Sabayon & Gentoo

What's R?

R is a programming language for statistical computing. Though R is used with a command line interface, there are several graphical ones available, too.


First become root with


and then install the current version (R-2.15 at time of this writing) running

equo install dev-lang/R-2

Installation of additional packages

There are no packages available through Gentoo/Sabayon, yet, so you have to install it via R itself. Say you want to install the package polynom. Start R as root and then run


You have to choose a server and then watch R downloading and installing the package. It's also possible to run this as "normal" user, but then it's not installed systemwide.


I recommend to read the "Further reading" links to get started.


I just know these two.

  • RKWard
  • RStudio

Further ones can be found on Wikipedia (See section at the bottom).

Further Reading