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PowerDNS is a DNS server, written in C++ and licensed under the GPL. The current version in entropy is 3.1. It's a product of the Dutch company PowerDNS.COM BV, with numerous contributions from the Open Source community. There are many independent projects to create management interfaces for PowerDNS, including PowerAdmin, PDNSOps, PowerDNS on rails and JPower Admin and even a drupal module called PowerAdmin.


Run as root:

equo install net-dns/pdns-3

Responsible person

If you're interested, please ask BlackNoxis on the forums. He wants to engage Gentoo/Sabayon users in this project. At the moment he plans on supporting this project on RogentOS, a Sabayon fork. You can get the latest poweradmin version there, too. See Link section below for further details.

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