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HOWTO': translate Sabayon

Translating sabayon to your native tounge

So you decided to help out Sabayon and in short all your country(wo)men by translating this superior distro to your language! Good on you!!! WELL DONE!

I'm gonna try and keep this as short and simple as i can with just a simple step by step guide. In short, the KISS philosophy (Keep it simple stupid)

There are 2 main ways in translating and one is the online service and the other by downloading and translating. I highly recommend you to download the file and translate it using POEDIT.

Tips when translating. You will be translating in the dark. By that i mean, lots of strings is taken out of context and you will need to try the file out, find the string and see if the grammar is ok.


1:First off, what you must do is to head on over to http://www.transifex.com and create an account

2:Then you search for Sabayon in the searchbar, click on one of the projects and find your language. Not there? Take the english one and add your language to the translations

3:click on it and you'll come to a page where there is a -----> .po <------ file

4:When you click on it a window will open with a number of different options. In that window you click on -----> visit language team <----- and make a request of joining.

Once you've been approved of joining by almighty MooCow a.k.a lxnay ;) You're set to start translating.


In order to translate the .po file you must have POEDIT installed. Which you can find in the repo! (There are others too)

Translating using POEDIT is fairly self-explanatory but i'm gonna give a few examples so no misunderstandings will be possible.

As i'm swedish the examples given will be in my language....

These examples will be from the -----> Rigo intltool .pot file <------

On the left side you'll have the original string (english) and on the right is the already translated strings in your language. If any translations have been done, that is!

At the bottom of POEDIT you'll also see the strings and at the aboslute bottom is where you edit your string!!

This is a standard phrased translation.

Original string

Click here for more details

Translated string

Klicka här för fler detaljer

Now that wasn't tough at all, right?

And these strings has a bit of doodles to them ;) What you must make sure is that your translated string has the exact same doodles!


Original string

%s\n cannot be installed at this time due to missing/masked dependencies or dependency conflict

Translated string

%s\n Kan inte installeras på grund utav saknade/maskerade beroenden eller beroendekonflikt

As you see some of the text are bold which is caused by the "doodles" so make sure you get them right!!! Best way is to just copy the original and translate. My translated string looks just the same, only translated. It's just this easy!

As long as the the translated string is the same as the original string you'll know it will work. It just might be it's translated badly but that's your fault, but the string works ;)

When you're done translating i suggest you test your file. When saving a ---->.po<----- file in POEDIT it is saved as ---->.mo<---- which is the file the system uses!

Now you head to (as root) /usr/share/locale/YOUR_LANGUAGE_CODE/LC_MESSAGES and locate the ---->rigo.mo<----copy it (just in case) and replace it with your translated ---->.mo<----file!

Fire up RIGO and look around if you need any changing. Once your satisfyed with your work you head on back to www.transifix.com and upload it. REMEMBER!! The goal is 100%

<<<<<<ONLINE SERVICE>>>>>>>

The online service is even more self-explanatory than using POEDIT. To start translating you just click on the project and then on the translate now button.

I gotta say though, that the online service isn't nearly as good or comfortable using as POEDIT. It has sent me error messages even though i have copied the the original string. I also recommend that you use the translation yourself before submitting it.

Good Luck '