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Make sure to use the Update Repositories function in Sulfur before trying to install anything.

This following method will detail how to install FrostWire through Sulfur.

Step 1. Open the Sulfur package manager (there should be an icon on the desktop or you can access it via the tray applet).

Step 2. Using either the Search funtion on Available Packages or manually going through the categorized list of applications, locate net-p2p/frostwire.

Step 3. Mark it for installation. It should notify you of the dependencies (mostly Java-related) and ask you to accept them. Click OK.

Step 4. Click the Package Queue button on the left sidebar then click Process Queue.

Step 5. After successful installation, check your programs menu on your taskbar and locate FrostWire (it should be under "Internet"). Please use FrostWire responsibly.