En:HOWTO: Manual Partitioning with Sabayon Linux

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Custum layout.png

This is a visual walk through about manually partitioning your Harddisc, during the setup of Sabayon Linux.
When the Installer comes at the partitioning scheme, select: Create Custom Layout.


then let's choose the free space where we want to install our Sabayon and Click on New.


The first partition to create is the /boot partition, with ext3, in my case I've chosen a fixed size of 100 Mb, but my notebook is used for developing reasons so I need more space for more kernels, you can easily choose 32 Mb that is more than enough for the common user.


Now select the free space and press again on new.


This time we're going to create a swap partition, as for the size I've chosen 1500Mb that is a decent space but you can choose more if you have more than 1Gb ram.


Time to create a root partition as before select the free space and n click on New.


We're about to use all our free space left, and as for the fs type...I've chosen ext4 but this is EXPERIMENTAL.


This is our final configuration as you can see.

I hope this is useful for everybody ~

Luca Palermo